Reykjavik dating scene

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This year sees several openings in the country as well.Asilia opens its Highlands property on the slopes of the Olmoti Volcano this month, with ultra-cool glass geodesic tents.Wine lovers should head to Portugal, where the Douro River area is in full bloom and you’ll have the vineyards practically to yourself.In Reykjavik, it feels like spring but looks like winter still, due to the snow on the ground—perfect for exploring the beautiful city.Visit the former artists’ escape (the city’s West Lake, a UNESCO Heritage Site, is the inspiration behind countless poems and paintings) in early March, when the weather is warm but spring tourists have yet to descend.

The nation’s capital has become a hot destination for much more than politics and history.Make your home base the new Luxury Collection property, the Pierre-Yves Rochon-designed Azure Qiantang.Mardi Gras is over, but that’s perhaps even more of a reason to head to New Orleans now.There’s now a significant dining scene that’s well worth a visit, including the prix fixe-only Rose’s Luxury (no reservations, so go early to snag a seat) and Filipino-American fare at Purple Patch. It’s when the city’s famed cherry blossoms, a gift from Japan in 1910, starts to bloom—the annual Cherry Blossom Festival starts on March 20.You probably didn’t get a seat at Noma Sydney (the 10-week pop-up sold out within minutes, and the waitlist is reportedly 27,000 deep).

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